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About Us


We hope that Nhócchi reminds you of squishy dumplings and whimsical children.  Nhóc is a Vietnamese word for a playful, imaginative child with a touch of mischief.  Nhócchi was started by husband and wife team Nancy Dinh and Jamie Williams.  Nancy, whose Vietnamese name literally means “blue sky” was raised by Vietnamese parents who always told her that the sky was the limit.  Jamie, whose family came from Sicily and Naples, was plumped up as a child on gnocchi of all kinds which fueled his body and imagination.

Nancy and Jamie brought their engineering degrees and experiences to the computer graphics industry and are passionate about applying creativity to both technology and art.  They are educators in computer animation and visual effects and have worked on several feature animation films for children.  Nhócchi was created to bring these tools and spirit of creativity and storytelling to children and inquisitive minds of all ages.  

For more info, contact us at info@nhocchi.com